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Healthy Living Ministries

 is a Seventh day Adventist Health & Temperance Ministry of 

Central Point SDA Church .

Wholeness and health have been an emphasis of the Seventh-day Adventist Church since the 1860s when the church began. The Bible reminds us that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and we have been entrusted with the privilege of maintaining and improving our spiritual, mental, social and physical health. Health Ministries promotes good health and the prevention of ill health to help achieve this goal of wholeness.

Health of the community is a vital focus of Health Ministries. The Breathe-Free Plan to Stop Smoking is successfully being run in many countries throughout the world, and has brought freedom to many who struggled with tobacco addiction. It is one of the oldest programs in the world to help people quit smoking. The use of alcohol and other sensory-altering drugs is actively addressed through community programs from Health Ministries and other collaborating organizations.

Developed with the Bible's principles as a guide to healthier living, our Healthy Living focus is our bodies, which are the Temple of God, living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of ourselves is in harmony with the teachings of Christ. 

Our goal is to teach everyone Healthy Lifestyles choices with Vegan Cooking classes and demonstrations, recipes, and Life style modification classes, which include exercise, abstinence from alcohol and tobacco products, and holistic alternativeness compared to todays prescription seduced society. 

Healthy Living Ministries has been blessed with a powerful message and special women who have the outreach experiences and talents of carrying that message to the community. The Healthy Living Ministries Staff are determined to bless others with Godís Health Message.


The Works and Goals of Healthy Living Ministries:

Our continuous works from 2008-2014

Vegetarian Cooking Classes - every month a cooking class is given with a vegetarian luncheon followed by a 30 min. lecture on health and well being by Dr. James Said, our educational materials and demonstrations are brought to us by trained professionals in those fields. These are always well attended from the community and will continue as an ongoing mission of Central Point SDA Church.


Health Fairs- health fairs are a way to reach hundreds of people with Godís message on Health and Well Being, we have on average attended 2 a year, and recently served over 800 people at the ďRogue Valley Healthy FairĒ with educational information and vegan sampling of smoothies to promote Wholeness and Health for your body.


Private Cooking Classes Ė while expanding to accommodate the requests of certain churches and those people in need of private, detailed cooking classes, we have given ďIn-HomeĒ lessons and demonstrations to meet those needs. We continue to meet those demands on a regular basis.


Vegetarian Tasting Affairs Ė are an elegant way of demonstrating a balance meal plan while educating the public on the health benefits of the Vegetarian Life Style and the ingredients we use in cooking. Educational materials are passed out, along with the sampling of vegan foods, the recipes are included with the ingredients listed, this allows us to educate on a one to one level with each individual at each table. This is usually followed with a Lecture by Dr. Said on the benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle and modification needs for today. Each tasting affair is always well attended by 60-150 people. 


Our Healthy Living Ministries Dedicated Servants,

Dr. James Said is known internationally for specializing in complex and difficult cases. With over thirty years of clinical experience as a physician of integrative and natural medicine,    Dr. Said not only understands the body, he understands people. He also understands the physical, emotional, psychological, relational and spiritual effects of stress, trauma and lifestyle. With the insight of pertinent laboratory and physical evaluation, he targets weakened organs and damaged physiology, and develops comprehensive natural protocols designed to efficiently and effectively facilitate a clear path to health.

Iris Eastwood is our inspirational leader for Healthy Living Ministries, with previous community service in many other states, Irisís combined knowledge of outreaching the community for over 25yrs. has blessed thousands of people and many church families with her dedication and energy to share Godís Health Message with everyone within ear shot of her voice. Her Bi-Lingual ability has taken us to Churches such as The Medford Apostolic Church and the Spanish speaking communities throughout Oregon.

Sharon Lynch is our Registered Cardiac Nurse who attends every lecture, tasting affair and cooking class, she also teaches Life Style Modification Classes and Health Screenings for Heart and Diabetes. Her commitment to Healthy Living Ministries and her many talents have blessed our ministry.

Laurie Owen is our Web Site Director, seeing to all publications and information packets along with the mailing, invitational, presentations and advertising listings.

The Central Point Seventh-day Church Family supports this ministry and its works within their community as well as many other communities surrounding Central Point. The numerous members of Central Point SDA Church and other SDA Church Members have dedicated their time, efforts and cooking talents to Healthy Living Ministries for over many years now, making this a successful outreach program.

God Bless each of you and as always, everyone is always invited to join our Web Site at

Itís always free and we have new recipes monthly. The monthly Cooking Classes and Dr. Saidís Classes and lectures can be found there and also on his web site at:

          So come check out our many seminars and

classes held each month and enjoy a 

             Healthy Lifestyle!                                




    Thank you

Central Point SDA Church

Iris Eastwood, Barbara Holley, Laurie Owen & Kelli Tuvako

Servants of our Lord and His Healthy Living Ministries


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Let us design and cook for your Tasting Affair right in the comfort of your own Church.Get tasty, delicious, healthy samples of Vegetarian cooking. Enjoy a beneficial lecture on why you need to be vegetarian, and enjoy the Healthy Living message designed by God.

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